i-Novo Awards

Rewarding creativity – Recognizing innovation – Celebrating sustainability

The i-NOVO Awards 2017 are closed!
i-NOVO Awards 2018 coming soon...


i-NOVO Awards is the award program that stands out by identifying and rewarding products that improve industry standards through INNOVATION.

The award is now organized once a year across our six VirtualExpo websites and is broken down into three main categories: i-NOVO Design, i-NOVO Tech and i-NOVO Eco.

i-NOVO is not just an award: it attracts the attention of companies and professionals, serving as an indicator of the most prominent trends and innovations.

The i-NOVO Design award will recognize products that take a step outside of the box in terms of quality and perfection in design. In addition to reflecting current design trends, products in this category can be visually unique, pay exceptional attention to ergonomics or propose an innovative solution for an emerging need.

The i-NOVO Eco award will be attributed to products that lessen or eliminate impact on the environment. Such products might have a sustainable manufacturing process or lower embodied energy and may use biodegradable, recyclable or reusable materials. Products in this category may also have a durable product life cycle and reduced energy consumption.

The i-NOVO Tech award will be given to products that demonstrate novel use of technology, whether it be the invention of a new mechanic, a technological innovation in the fabrication process (automatic or manual), the use of advanced technology to improve a design, the application of existing technologies in a new domain, the integration of several new technologies in one product or a completely innovative concept.

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Why participate?

The i-NOVO Awards provide a fair and competitive platform for innovative companies from the architecture, construction & design industry (medical equipment industry, industrial equipment industry, etc). i-NOVO aims to showcase innovative products and provide top-notch visibility for our award winners through a highly publicized campaign on all of our media channels.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to all companies and brands on VirtualExpo’s websites. Only innovative products no more than 12 months old are retained in the selection process.

How it works:

Our in-house experts will create a product shortlist per award category. The products will then be submitted to an external jury of industry experts who will vote for and nominate the most innovative products by award category. This final selection will then be presented online to VirtualExpo’s visitors for a public vote.

Winners' Benefits

  • i-NOVO trophy
  • i-NOVO winner tag on the online stand
  • A homepage banner for 2 weeks
  • Sponsored email presenting the winning products
  • Global social media coverage
  • A feature in one of our e-magazines


PRODUCT IMAGE Images must NOT contain the name or logo of the company or manufacturer.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Participants must submit a product description (no more than 500 characters) that includes product dimensions, materials, fabrication techniques, manufacturing/building process, etc.

IMAGE QUALITY Participants should submit high-res images in JPG format (at least 300 dpi).

SHARE MEDIA Participants are encouraged to share videos of their work that help to illustrate the product. It is preferable that the video be shared via web link (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).